we stole the stars from the black night




produced by Cy, mixed by Noah Shain,L.A., mastered by Brian Lucey, except "just 4 1 day" mastered by Ted Jensen, New York

CY vocals/bass, JOSH vocals/gutar, THE TONGUE drums

by: Emma Peterson/New York

One would think three tried & true rockers would face a world of drama, limiting their ability to come together as a team and as a band. One would assume that three bold personalities couldn’t make it through 20 years of classic music industry ups and downs. One would imagine that Cy, Josh and The Tongue of Stone Diamond wouldn’t overcome three very different schedules plus a band breakup just to be reunited as an exciting, up & coming brash, primordial rock band—but that, folks, is exactly what they’ve done. Having started as a garage band at the ages of 18 years, Cy, Josh and The Tongue all got an early start to their solo interests in music. Cy, vocals/bass, began jamming with his uncle at the age of six. Josh, vocals/guitar, began his musical career at the age of eight and The Tongue, drums, started at the age of six, with just one drum in his collection. This garage band has come a long way and now boasts a groovy, blues-infused rock and roll sound. All grown up and far from ordinary, Stone Diamond offers fans an energized musical experience both on stage and off.

Stone Diamond’s debut album, We Stole the Stars from the Black Night, was produced, composed and engineered by Cy. A bold move by most any producer’s measure, Cy insisted on recording the album on livetracks in an effort to solidify the spirit of each song. Drums were engineered by the accomplished Uli Frost who worked tirelessly to ensure that The Tongue’s powerful drums were represented in full. In addition to Cy and Uli, the guys brought in a host of external talent to help make We Stole the Stars from the Black Night everything they intended it to be. Some of these artists and players include: drum legend, Ricky Lawson, keyboardist, Toby Philippen, mixer, Noah Shain and for mastering, Grammy Award winner, Brian Lucey.

Inspired by the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Jack White, AC/DC, Lenny Kravitz and Chris Cornell, Stone Diamond is truly a musical force to be reckoned with. The music is intense and seemingly effortless as the trio of Cy, Josh and The Tongue are perpetually on the same page as musicians and storytellers. They make music for themselves but their sound is delivered selflessly as each song is full of passion and personality. One would think that the time and effort put into Stone Diamond, the energy present in every song, is something that cannot be easily replicated. That thought is absolutely correct. Stone Diamond is a unique band of talented rockstars making waves in an industry that is calling for a shake-up. Be on the lookout for their release in October of 2013. - See more at: www.stone-diamond.com


releases October 6, 2013

MIMI MOO vocals on "U KNOW"
TOBIAS Philippen hammond, wurlitzer, keys, strings



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STONE DIAMOND Cologne, Germany

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Track Name: LOVE STAYS
Love stays

And when the world breaks down and the air's runnin' out
Love stays
And when the body's burned and the tears run dry
Love stays
Keeps you warm each time you failed to live
Holds you tight each time you forgot to give
And when the time has come and your body lays down
Love stays

One last Whiskey to go
Then it's time to leave the show

Love stays forever and a day

And when the hustle slows and the green gets grey
Love stays
And when the summer days seem to fade away
Love stays
And when the sun is sinking into the sea
And life pushes you hard down on your knees
Then the time has come to let it go cuz Love stays
The Flavor of Tears

When she said touch me he never listened
When she said hold me he didn't care
When it is over - then it is over,
this ain't wisdom
One part of you is dying and the other won't share

That's the flavor of tears
That's the flavor

When she said love me he didn't know how
When she said kiss me he turned away
When it is over - then it is over, feels like a carcrash
The suns will always shine and it will dry your face

That's the flavor of tears
That's the flavor
Track Name: U KNOW
U know
This is our last night, this will be the end
Tomorrow we'll go on in different worlds
We count the seconds stood up all night
How could two soulmates live without a sight

We'll be together and forever deeply aligned
No one could ever control hearts and our minds

You know you'll never be something that I'll have
You changed the way I feel
You know that I would do all that's demanded
To make our dreams be real

It was the last time I touched your face
I will never forget your inner grace
I felt that you were something more
How I could I know that its you I adore

Now that we break up, all the letters in our mind
knew at the end there was no chance to ignore our love

You know you'll never be something that I'll have
You changed the way I feel
You know that I would do all that's demanded
To make our dreams be real
You know that every dream must be ended
Now that we've fallen apart
You'll never lose all the things that I've planted
Planted in your heart